Injection Moulding Training Facilites

New  Fanuc Alpha Series α-S100iA Electric Machine delivered Jan 2019.

The FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiA series is an electric injection moulding machine that incorporates FANUC standard CNC, so as to extend performance in precision moulding, achieving superior moulding repeatability from its highly rigid, low-friction mechanism and additional servo-axis control delivering extra value moulding.

ROBOSHOT-LINKi is a product information management system monitoring production, quality, and power consumption.

Injection moulding training on The FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiA series





NEW ARBURG ALLROUNDER 370 A 600 – 70 L1 delivered August 2020

The new ARBURG ALLROUNDER 370 A 600 machine that has been supplied into First Polymer Training features the latest version of the SELOGICA ‘direct’ user interface with sequence editor and touch-screen operation, for direct data access. It delivers Modular drive technology incorporating both Electro-mechanical and Servo-electric drive for highly dynamic, precise, and reproducible movements while delivering energy-efficient operation.

Injection moulding training on a NEW ARBURG ALLROUNDER Machine






NEW Zhafir ZE 600

The new Zhafir Venus Series influences the global market for electric injection molding machines more than ever before. With clamping forces of up to 8,000 kN and injection speeds in several performance levels up to 500 mm/s, Venus produces clean, high-quality precision and extremely thin-walled parts at an attractive price/performance ratio. With exemplary energy efficiency. All-electric dynamic with highest precision and up to 70 % energy savings.



NEW ENGEL all-electric e-mac 170/100 delivered December 2020

The new ENGEL UK iQ (intelligent quality) demo cell has a fully integrated Viper 12 linear robot with integrated hot runners & weigh scale (accurate to 4 decimal points). All of the ENGEL e-mac‘s movements are performed by servo-electric drives delivering high precision and performance.  Smart features include iQ weight control software that automatically detects viscosity fluctuations and compensates for them in the same shot, also iQ clamp control allows to monitor the mould breathing signal and to optimise the clamping force.

Injection moulding training on an Engel machine









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