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5S – 1 Day Lean Manufacturing

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This course produces best results when delivered in company.


The 5S System of Workplace Organisation is a five step approach to creating an excellent work environment. This 1-day workshop is an ideal opportunity to learn about a very simple but powerful approach that can help you to create highly organised and efficient workplaces. The 5S approach is so effective that many companies now see the 5S System as a way of life and the best way to do business. These companies come from all sectors and industries, including the service industry. The common phrase is this: “If you want to provide top-class products and services, you must start with a top class working environment”

This workshop will use an extended simulation to develop the 5S’s and create that favourable environment. It will illustrate the benefits of visual information and also give the opportunity to develop visual controls in both manufacturing and office areas. Throughout the workshop participants will use practical production examples to help develop the 5S’s, illustrate the benefits of visual information and give participants the opportunity to develop visual controls in any manufacturing process.

What you will learn.

  • Why the 5S’s are the Foundation of Lean Manufacturing
  • How to Rate Your Workplace Against World Class Standards
  • How to Use the 5S’s to Develop Shop floor Organisation
  • How to Use Process Mapping to Understand Your Operations
  • How to Create Visual Displays and Controls
  • How to Develop Failsafe Processes
  • How to Use Kanban to Control the Flow of Materials
  • How to use Standard Operations
  • Sheets to Ensure Conformance to Standards


Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders & Continuous Improvement Personnel


This course is delivered in-company on dates to suit the client.

The successful completion of this programme by the learner does not lead to an award, but a certificate of attendance is issued to each participant.

Safety Shoes – Required on this course

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