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Injection Moulding Module 4

Course Dates

16th July, 2019 - 19th July, 2019 (4 days)

Cost: €1495  including course manual, lunch and refreshments.

In order to enrol on this course, candidates must have already completed Injection Moulding Module 3.

This injection moulding course focuses on the polymer engineering and processing principles related to achieving the optimum injection moulding process. Strong emphasis is placed on giving the practical skills to achieve optimum performance but supported by engineering principles. There will be some home study to reinforce the principles applied throughout the course.



 Breakdown of process cycle, considering which elements are related to product quality and productivity
 Important attributes of the injection moulding machine for optimum performance
 Principles of melt homogeneity and the importance of selecting the correct process parameters

Practical 1
 Derivation of important melt conversion parameters
 Assessment of mould tool performance
 Hot runner and cold runner balance assessment
 Optimisation of the injection time


Practical 2
 Assessment of balance of mould tool
Optimisation of injection time
 Optimisation of holding phase elements

Practical 3
 Practically optimise holding phase elements
 Optimisation of mould movements
Optimisation of cooling time
 Optimisation of clamping force

Practical 4
 Practically optimise the mould movements
 Practically optimise both cooling time and clamping force
 Discussion of procedure with associated polymer engineering principles to achieve optimal processes and to identify problems when they arise
 Process capability assessment on previously selected values


 Review ancillary equipment performance
 Review gate sizes used on mould tool
 Review mould tool balance

Practical 5
 Carry out a full optimisation on another mould tool/moulding machine/material/ancillary combination


Practical 6
 Continuation of process optimisation
 Carry out process capability assessment
 Process window derivation for searching the boundaries of process parameter selection to achieve a six sigma performance
 Discussion of principles applied and how such procedures are widely used for all injection moulding processes.
 Questions and answers
 Conclusion of course

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This course is aimed at those with considerable experience in the injection moulding process and troubleshooting techniques. Polymer engineering and processing principles are used to achieve the optimum injection moulding process. In order to enrol on this course, trainees must have already completed our  Injection Moulding Module 3 programme as this programme covers many of the tools and trials used as the basis of the Module 4 optimisation techniques. Attendees are assumed to have this Module 3 content covered before attending this Module 4 course.


7  Centre  Court, Blyry Business and Commercial Park, Athlone.

The successful completion of this programme by the learner does not lead to an award, but a certificate of attendance is issued to each participant.

Safety Shoes – Required on this course




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