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Mould Design

Course Dates

24th June, 2019 - 27th June, 2019 (4 days)

Mould Design QQI


€1495  inclusive of course manual, lunch and refreshments.


Day 1

–        The injection Moulding Machine and its Influence on Mould design

–        The 2-Plate Mould

–        Exercise: design and layout of a 2-plate mould

–        Polymer melt flow, inc, melt flow profile, shear effect, shear rate, pressure drops, etc.

–        Gating & Feeding, inc, cold runner design, gating techniques

–        Cooling, inc, cooling media, cooling requirement, cooling techniques

Day 2

–        Ejection, techniques, systems and designs

–        Estimation of ejection force

–        3-plate Mould design and construction

–        Stack mould designs and use applications

–        Undercut mould design, inc, explanation of under-cuts, core pulling techniques

–        Exercise: design and layout of a 3-plate mould

Day 3

–        Prototype moulds and techniques

–        Mould construction materials, steels and alloy materials

–        Exercise: Calculation of  mould plate deflection and plate sizing

–        Runnerless Moulds, inc, externally heated, internally heated & insulated tool designs

–        Exercise: Design and layout of a runnerless mould

Day 4

–        Standard mould parts

–        Plastic product design for injection moulding

–        Injection moulded product fault appraisal and analysis, inc, mould design faults, part design faults and plastic materials faults.

–        Exercise: Fault appraisal

–        A tutorial covering the course Assignment

Injection Moulding Technicians, Engineers, and Management who have a responsibility for ordering, modifying or replacing injection moulds will gain most benefit from this course. A better understanding of mould design theory will greatly assist in obtaining optimised moulds and reducing mould commissioning times.

7  Centre  Court, Blyry Business and Commercial Park, Athlone.

Safety Shoes – Not Required on this course

4-day course 9.15 am – 5.00 pm each day

Name of Awarding Body: Quality and Qualifications Ireland QQI

Title of Programme: Mould Design

Award to which it leads: Essentials of Mould Design

QQI Code: 5N4317

Find out how to achieve a Major Award in Injection Moulding (Level 5)

This programme is a QQI component (minor) award, certified at Level 5 on the national framework of qualifications – see  and is an elective component of major award  5M3080 – Plastics Injection Moulding .

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