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Plastic Part Design – Advanced Level

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€1095  inclusive of course manual, lunch and refreshments.

This course is more academically demanding and builds upon the introductory course. The course increases awareness of polymer design related issues, which include, sustainability, costing, polymer property modification for the purpose, re-working existing product designs, product enhancement and failure evaluation/fault rectification.

This is a three-day course which will be delivered as follows:

AM – Material Characteristics and influence upon design
Inc: Nature of Plastics Materials, Shrinkage mechanics, Wall thickness/stress raising mechanisms, Ease of flow, Calculation of pressure drop (intro to FEA), Softening behaviour and Thermal requirements (calculation of cooling time, product cost estimation, etc).
Sustainability Issues
Inc: energy requirement, calculation of carbon footprint, recycling efficiency, recovery techniques, polymer life cycles, etc.
PM – Polymer Selection and Property Modification
Inc: Overview of polymer family groups, design specification, explanation of fillers, additives, reinforcements and tailoring materials to specification requirements. Practical property tailoring and product specification exercises (can be based upon attendee project work)

Influence of Shaping Methods upon the design
AM – Injection Moulding (specific to injection moulded product design – point of balance, gate location, orientation effect, section morphology, wall section balance, stress raising, cooling effect upon design, cooling energy requirement, clamp force, pressure requirement, ejection force requirement, designing for cycle speed and efficiency, etc).
PM – Extrusion (Extruded product design, extrudate shape design criteria, influence of die design upon output control, influence of flow velocity upon extrudate design, section morphology, good / bad profile design, sizing and control).

Compression Moulding (polymer types, formats and use applications, moulding techniques, the properties of compression moulded components, designing compression moulded components, etc)
Design Case Studies
Inc: Worked through examples of design/processing defects, re-work and product design modification. Worked examples include medical injection moulded products, automotive products, extruded and compression moulded products.

The course is aimed at experienced design engineers working within the polymer industry. The course will extend the knowledge of polymer part design, product design analysis and application in a number of key areas, which include; flow modelling, calculation of pressure drops, dimensional sizing, new product costing and design appraisal. The key areas of material selection and specific property modification are covered and the use of additives, filler/reinforcement technologies explained. Design case studies will be worked through which include injection moulded and extruded polymer bio-degradable applications, electrical conductance, lubrication and nano-filler design application technology


7  Centre  Court, Blyry Business and Commercial Park, Athlone.

Three-day course.
The successful completion of this programme by the learner does not lead to an award, but a certificate of attendance is issued to each participant.

Safety Shoes – Not Required on this course

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