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Total Productive Maintenance

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A practical two-day training workshop on implementing Total Productive Maintenance. This programme can also be delivered over one day, depending on the customers requirements.

Total Productive Maintenance – TPM
TPM is a dynamic team-based methodology for involving all employees in developing a long-term preventive maintenance programme and for reducing unscheduled stoppages, breakdowns, instability and unreliability. Maintenance people concentrate on preventive measures, maintenance analysis, designing machines for maintainability, and educating the workforce.

Operators become full partners with Maintenance and assume responsibility for ensuring that daily tasks (data gathering, cleaning, lubricating, checking, etc.) are performed.

TPM combines the practice of preventive maintenance with Total Quality Control and Total Employee Involvement. It is a deceptively simple yet decidedly revolutionary system of on-going maintenance that is transforming the face of modern manufacturing.

TPM relies on small-group activities and participative input, total employee involvement and dedication to quality of equipment care. TPM teaches us how to prevent breakdowns, so critical in any manufacturing company seeking world class performance.

Workshop Programme
Definition and Aims of TPM
TPM Results and Benefits
TPM, TQC and Traditional Maintenance
Developing TPM Activities
Maximising Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Understanding Equipment
Management Policy, Goals and Targets for the TPM
Teams Loss
Structure, Equipment Efficiency and Analysis
Calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Visual Information and Activity Boards
Getting Organised through the 5S’s
Equipment Loss Analysis and Data Gathering
Autonomous Maintenance and Problem Solving
Equipment Training and One Point Lessons
Autonomous Maintenance, Kaizen and Teamwork Maintenance
Prevention and Quality Maintenance
Structures for Implementation

What you will learn
How TPM differs from other Maintenance Practices
The Importance of Measurement in TPM
How TPM Programmes are Structured
How to adapt TPM to your own company
How TPM uses the PDCA Cycle and Kaizen
How TPM Affects the Design and Procurement of Equipment
The Key Factors to Successful TPM Implementation
How to Set a Realistic Timetable and Accurately Measure Results

Who should attend
Production, Engineering and Maintenance Managers, Engineers, Fitters and Technicians

The successful completion of this programme by the learner does not lead to an award, but a certificate of attendance is issued to each participant.

Safety Shoes – Required on this course


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