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Value Stream Mapping

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A One-day practical training workshop on Value Stream Mapping

The cost of this workshop is €395. This includes training services, materials and a full implementation guide. Lunches and refreshments are also included in the price. The workshop cost does not include accommodation but First Polymer Training has special rates at local hotels. Due to the nature of our business, consultants and competing training companies will not be admitted to the workshop.

Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping is a systems approach to Lean Manufacturing, based on looking at the complete flow of a selected control part through its sequence of operations. The purpose of a value stream map is to identify waste, particularly excess inventory, in the process and then to develop an improvement plan to reduce that waste. A complete Value Stream Mapping project consists of a Current State Map – where we are now, a Future State Map – the ideal, and an improvement plan to move from the current state towards the ideal future state. At the same time as mapping material flows, an important part of the Value Stream Mapping process is to map information flows, and we can help you select a pacemaker process and synchronise information and material flows.

Workshop Programme
» Introduction and getting started
» Select product families for the practical exercises
» The current state map
» Classroom exercise 1: (class) Create a current state map
» Practical exercise 1: (shop floor) – teams create current state maps
» What is a Lean Value Stream?
» The future state map
» Classroom exercise 2: use case study to create a future state
» Practical exercise 2: following roadmap, teams create future state maps of their Value Stream
» Review future state
» Achieving the future state
» Develop a formal implementation plan
» Create specific / detailed kaizens
» Formalize and present out to senior management for plan acceptance
» Workshop conclusion

Participants Will Learn To
: Plan and link Lean initiatives to avoid the pitfall of “cherry picking” lean tools in a series of haphazard kaizen events Use a “storyboard” to succinctly display and communicate the current and future state maps, key metrics, and a summary of the mapping process Create a prioritised implementation plan of which Lean tools to use and where to use them for optimal payback Properly apply such key Lean tools and techniques as takt time, buffer and safety stock calculations, continuous flow cells, operator balance charts, standard work, regulating pull systems with kanban, pitch and heijunka, the proper role for MRPII, and OEE and value added ratios.

This course will take you through a step-by-step method of value stream mapping and storyboarding. You will understand how to gather the information needed to eliminate all non-value adding waste, and how to use it to plan the implementation of your Lean activities You will create a visual Value Stream Management Map from supplier to customer through all the internal production processes for one or more product lines. You will learn how to optimize both material and information flow by actually applying Value Stream Management to eliminate the root cause of waste. Simulated practice followed by application of the tool to actual products lets you apply the knowledge and promotes immediate results during the event. This technique also teaches a satisfying team approach to continuous improvement.

What you will learn
At the completion of the workshop, the participants will have created a current state map and developed their own future state map. As well as taking participants through the process of developing Current State and Future State Maps, using a video case study exercise of a white goods factory, the workshop details the fundamental tools used to develop flow on the shopfloor. Workshop participants will work in teams to practice these tools in case study exercises, and develop a project plan for their first Value Stream Mapping project in the workplace

Who should attend
Production and Managers and Engineers. Supervisors and Team Leaders. Continuous Improvement and Quality Control Facilitators.

First Polymer Training,
7 Centre Court,
Blyry Business & Commerical Park,
Co. Westmeath

The successful completion of this programme by the learner does not lead to an award, but a certificate of attendance is issued to each participant.


Safety Shoes – Not Required on this course

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