Extenuating Circumstances

FPTS recognises that on occasion extenuation circumstances may interfere with programme participation, and we have a number of supports in place to address this.

Extenuating circumstances are situations or events which unexpectedly interfere with a learner’s ability to complete or sit an element of assessment.

FPTS will allow learners to apply for compassionate consideration in relation to their assessment if they cannot complete a specific assessment due to extenuating circumstances.

Examples of extenuating circumstances may include:

  • serious illness or bereavement of a close family member or close friend

  • involvement in an accident

  • domestic crisis

  • severe effects of pregnancy or other incapacitating illness of the learner

FPTS will make arrangements to allow the learner to complete the assessment at another time. To apply for compassionate consideration please contact the FPTS Network Management Team. Learners seeking compassionate consideration may be required to provide appropriate evidence, e.g. a note from a GP.