Learner Charter

FPTS is committed to providing the best possible service to our learners, and to do that it is important that the respective responsibilities of FPTS as a provider and you as the learner must be clearly understood.


FPTS Responsibilities

  • Publish comprehensive and accurate information about our activities, procedures and regulations

  • Operate a fair and efficient admissions procedure

  • Provide a suitable environment within which teaching and learning can take place

  • Offer appropriate learner support services

  • Ensure that learner advocacy is implemented through independent representation on our Academic Council

  • Conduct appeals and complaints procedures which are both fair and easily accessed.

Learner Responsibilities

  • Be informed about and comply with FPTS regulations and procedures relating to learners, including the FPTS Code of Conduct set out below

  • Respect and treat with dignity all staff, other learners, visitors to FPTS and members of the local community and to treat every person in a way which is non-discriminatory and respects difference

  • Attend classes, practical sessions, tutorials and submit all course work as required, apply yourself to your studies and abide by deadlines set for the submission of work

  • Respect FPTS property causing no intentional damage or damage due to carelessness

  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure the Health & Safety of themselves, other learners and FPTS staff.

Learner Code of Conduct

  • FPTS respects all participant learners as responsible members of the community. Accordingly, it expects that each learner will behave in a mature, reasonable, and honest manner which protects the good name of FPTS, meets the requirements of his/her programme of study, has due regard to the rights of others and does not adversely affect the conduct of FPTS business and its good name. Behaviour which damages FPTS’s good name in the wider community or engaging in behaviour which causes FPTS to come into disrepute is not acceptable.

  • FPTS accepts that social activity is part of all programmes of learning. While self-discipline will be expected and encouraged, failure to meet the normal standards expected by society may result in sanctions up to and including suspension and exclusion from the education and facilities provided by FPTS.

  • Learners should note that by becoming registered learners at FPTS, they are agreeing to comply with the policies, regulations and disciplinary procedures of FPTS and that they:

    • Affirm that they have read and agree to be bound by all FPTS Regulations including the

      • Proper use of facilities and equipment

      • Proper use of social media in the context of the FPTS programme on which they are enrolled.

      • Compliance with examination regulations as conveyed in this Learner Handbook and by FPTS Tutors and staff

      • Compliance with their obligation to fully participate in FPTS disciplinary procedures should a complaint be made against them

  • Learners shall comply with the instructions of FPTS staff in relation to programme participation

  • Proof of identity must be produced upon request by any member of FPTS staff

  • Learners shall not engage in conduct liable to infringe the rights of others. This includes, but is not restricted to bullying, harassment, or sexual harassment of any student or any FPTS staff member

  • Learners shall respect FPTS property at all times. Learners may be held liable for the cost of repair or replacement of FPTS property damaged by them

  • Learners shall respect the property and persons of other learners, the FPTS community and visitors to the training facility

  • Unauthorised entry to FPTS or to a restricted area within FPTS or use of its facilities is prohibited

  • Learners shall keep FPTS informed of their current contact details while registered as learners

  • Learners shall comply with the academic discipline laid down for their programme, including the requirements of attendance and assessments as laid down by FPTS. The right to continue on a programme of study depends upon satisfactory enrolment, the maintenance of satisfactory attendance, the level of engagement and satisfactory conduct

  • Learners may have disciplinary procedures initiated against them in respect of an alleged breach of the assessment regulations.

  • Learners shall comply with all safety regulations that may be in force at the time governing the buildings and facilities such as classrooms, practical rooms, and common areas

  • Alcohol consumption and substance abuse (that is, use of illegal drugs and the misuse of prescribed drugs and substances) at the FPTS training facility are prohibited.

  • Smoking, including vaping, is not permitted within FPTS buildings. Smoking, including vaping is restricted to designated smoking areas.

  • Vehicles and bicycles are parked at the FPTS training facility at the owner’s risk

  • FPTS does not accept responsibility for any loss of learner property. Learners should report any such loss to FPTS staff.