Making a Complaint

FPTS recognises that a learner may wish to make a complaint about some aspect of our service. FPTS has a system in place to address informal and formal complaints.


The QQI Assessments and Standards 2013 document defines a complaint as “an expression of a concern that a particular assessment procedure is unfair or inconsistent or not fit for purpose”, or “the expression of a specific concern about the provision of a course/module, or a programme of study, or a related academic service”. However, a complaint may not necessarily relate to assessment but may relate to facilities, tutors, resources, information provision or some other aspect of the programme about which a learner may feel some grievance.

Complaint forms can be requested through the FPTS office or can be downloaded from the FPTS website. It should be noted that any issues concerning grades or the conduct of assessments, are more likely to be addressed by re-checks or appeals.


Steps to making a complaint.

  1. Initialisation. Most complaints can be resolved by bringing them to the attention of the person you are dealing directly with. In the first instance, you should write to or arrange to speak with this person about your complaint, or bring it to the attention of a Training Team member. All complaints received by the Training Team will be treated in strict confidence and in compliance with GDPR legislation. If the matter cannot be resolved by discussion, the Training Team will provide a Complaints pro-forma (alternatively this can be downloaded from the FPTS website.

  2. Formal complaint. The completed Complaints pro-forma must be completed and sent to the FTPS Training Team. The learner will receive a written acknowledgement within 10 working days of receipt.

  3. Complaint Resolution. The FPTS Training Team will liaise with the learner to resolve the complaint and arrive at a solution within 15 working days of receipt of the original complaint.

  4. Response by learner. If the outcome is acceptable to the learner, the Training Team will provide the learner with a written record of the agreed solution. If no acceptable solution has been found, the learner has the right to appeal the decision of the Training Team.

  5. Appeal. If the learner does not agree with the outcome of the complaint resolution process, they have the right to appeal to an independent panel (The Academic Council). The learner should advise the FPTS Training Team of their decision to appeal. The Training Team will prepare a report for consideration by the Academic Council. The Council will consider all the evidence provided. The learner has the right to make direct representations to the Council. The decision of the Council will be final and will be advised to the learner in writing through the Training Team.