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Polymer Technology Ireland

Polymer Technology Ireland is the business association within Ibec representing the interests of the polymer industry in Ireland. The association’s principal role is to enhance the competitive position of its members by influencing the business environment in which the industry operates by promoting, supporting and encouraging further development of the multinational and indigenous plastics sector in Ireland.

Membership includes both suppliers of raw material and services to the industry as well as the leading plastics processors in Ireland.

Vision for the industry: The polymer industry in Ireland is a dynamic, innovative and competitive industry where technology-led firms provide high quality products and services and give employees excellent careers in a sector where firms are growing and prospering. Polymer Technology Ireland’s key strategic pillars are to:

  1. Represent the Polymer Sector
  2. Build awareness of the value of the polymer industry to key stakeholders
  3. Deliver high quality information to Polymer Technology Ireland members
  4. Support the development of a world class talent pool for the polymer sector
  5. Provide opportunities to maximise B2B engagement and support business development


Ibec is Ireland’s largest lobby group representing Irish business both domestically and internationally. Its membership is home grown, multinational, big and small, spanning every sector of the economy. Together they employ over 70% of the private sector workforce in Ireland. Ibec and its trade associations lobby government, policy makers and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally to shape business conditions and drive economic growth. It has over 230 professional services staff in seven locations including Brussels and has 42 different trade associations in the group.