This Purpose of this Contingency Plan is to establish procedures to continue the running of our QQI accredited training programmes to an on-line platform during the Covid -19 crisis.

The following objectives have been established for this plan:

  • To detail the QQI accredited programmes that can be delivered on line
  • To establish a format where training programmes can be delivered on-line and how assessments will be conducted.
  • To establish new advertisements of our on-line programme, including our QQI accredited on line programmes
  • To maintain contact with employers on our on line modules, providing them feedback as required.
  • To ensure our trainers are sufficiently trained in delivering our QQI programmes using our on line platform
  • To ensure our learners have access to our moodle platform
  • To determine the course duration with the course trainer.
  • Detail how internal verification/ external authentication / results submission will be completed.



QQI accredited courses:

First Polymer Training offers a wide range of QQI accredited training programmes. These courses tend to run over a period of four to five days, followed by a QQI approved assessment.  All of our QQI accredited programmes lead to Minor Awards.

A number of our courses cannot be run as an on-line programme due to the practical aspects of the training.  The table details our training programmes and where on line training is available or not.

Course TitleOn line option available
Essentials Mould DesignAvailable
Plastic Material selectionUnder Development
Plastic Parts DesignUnder Development
Programmable Logical ControllersNot Available
Plastic Materials and ProcessingUnder Development
Product and Process ValidationUnder Development
Industrial Electrical SystemsNot Available
Injection Moulding Machine SettingNot Available
Injection Moulding Process ControlNot Available
Injection Moulding Process OptimisationNot Available


  1. Information to learners


  • First Polymer Training will communicate with potential learners of our QQI accredited courses on a regular basis, through email, phone, and via our moodle platform. We will keep them updated on progress we are making on running courses on-line.
  • All employers and potential learners will receive information on our existing on line programmes from our website which is constantly being updated.
  • We will only contact potential learners directly if they have agreed to receive updates on our courses.
  • Details of the structure of the on line courses will be detailed on our website. With further details given once registered on the course.
  • All participants attending QQI accredited programmes with First Polymer Training are classed as our learners for the duration of the programme and completion of the assessments.


  1. Information to Employers
    • As a lot of our programmes are practical based, we have advised employers that these programmes will not run for the foreseeable future.
    • There are no payment implications as course payment is not required until the courses are complete.
    • We advertise all our online programmes on our website.


  1. Information to Tutors
  • First Polymer Training tutors/trainers will be asked to look at the courses they deliver and adjust their training to accommodate on-line learning.
  • Course content will remain the same in order to satisfy QQI accreditation criteria.
  • Exam assessments will be adjusted to on-line and will be carried out on our moodle platform.
  • Any projects/assignments will be submitted through our moodle and trainers will correct on line  using a score sheet and results  sent to FPT’s Internal verifier
  • Learners will be asked to sign a confirmation of authorship and upload it along with their assignment/project through our moodle system.
  • All trainers are asked to read our GDPR policies and follow all guidance given in this regard.
  • Our framework agreement with all trainers remains in place. There is no impact on their contractual arrangements or payments.


  1. Programme delivery
  • Only theory-based programmes will be offered on line. All programmes involving a practical element will currently not run.  Employers have expressed the importance of the practical aspects of our training for their employees and are keen to wait until practical courses can run again as normal.
  • The on line programmes will run through our moodle system.
  • Trainees will be given access to the moodle once they have registered with us
  • Log in details will be forward to each individual, each receiving their own username and passwords.
  • All training modules will run live and will also be recorded.
  • All trainees must complete each module in sequence before moving onto the next module.
  • The moodle system allows us to monitor each trainees progress throughout the course.
  • Any quizzes completed throughout the course will give the trainer a clear indication of how the trainee is progressing.


  1. Programme Assessment
    • Only programmes that use written exams assessments and assignments as part of the assessment criteria will run on line.
    • Exam assessments will run at the end of the course through our on line moodle portal.
    • Options are available for the trainer to give pop quizzes throughout the course to test learning outcomes


  1. Learning Management Systems
    • An end of course, assessment can be set up on our moodle system.
    • Trainees assignments/projects can be uploaded on the moodle system. A score sheet completed by the trainer can then to send to the internal verifier.
    • Feedback is given to each trainee either via the moodle, email, telephone etc


  1. Schedule

Course timetables will vary depending the course.  This is decided with our Network Manager and the trainer.  The delivery schedule will be more distributed, to accommodate the nature of online training in the context of Covid-19. This will be detailed on the course outline on our website.

First Polymer Training is also aware that trainees may have family commitments during the Covid -19 crisis, so all our lectures will be recorded.

  1. Results approval
  • All of our on-line QQI certified courses can still go through the process of internal verification, external authentication and results submission. Our Internal verification and external authentication can be completed through a secured site.


  • Some exams of our QQI certified courses which ran in January and February 2020 are securely located in our premises. Due to the current restrictions we will be unable to submit these until later in the year.


Reference Documents