Published Expectations on Blended Learning

What can learners expect of blended learning provision at FPT Skillnet?
• The Virtual Learning Environment at FPT Skillnet will be fit-for-purpose and reflective of current best practice in learning management systems
• Blended learning will be subject to the same quality assurance policies and procedures as other modes of learning and will also take account of additional policies and procedures which are specific to blended learning as outlined in “Topic Specific QA Guidelines for Providers of Blended Learning Programmes”, published by QQI
• Blended learning will be developed and delivered for those elements of FPT Skillnet provision where it is practicable and appropriate to do so in the context of the programme, the learner and FPT Skillnet
• Blended learning will seek to reflect the governmental, societal and employer desire for enhanced flexibility and efficiency of training delivery and assessment
• FPT Skillnet will ensure that all processes normally associated with conventional centre-based training are equally applied to blended learning. These processes include, but are not restricted to: Access, Transfer and Progression, Complaints and Appeals, Reasonable Accommodation and Compassionate Consideration
• FPT Skillnet will provide usage-appropriate Virtual Learning Environment training for all staff and learners
• FPT Skillnet will ensure that Virtual Learning Environment support is in place to address any issues that may arise.