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Statistical Process Control Training 14th May – 15th May

What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling quality during the manufacturing process. Quality data in the form of Product or Process measurements are obtained in real-time during manufacturing. This data is then plotted on a graph with pre-determined control limits. Control limits are determined by the capability of the process, whereas specification limits are determined by the client’s needs.

The cost of quality is the expense of not doing things right first time, causing valuable resources to be spent finding and reworking defective products.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) eliminates this waste acting as a detection device to indicate when something is going wrong with the process. Superior Product Quality is achieved by identifying and resolving the causes of the process variation. SPC is an essential tool for companies implementing ISO 9001, TS 16949 and Six Sigma.

We have a training course scheduled for 14th & 15th May.


This training will show the learners how to:                                                        SPC training

  • Improve Manufacturing Operations with Real-Time SPC

  • Improve Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

  • Reduce Scrap, Waste, and Risk

  • Optimise Manufacturing Operations

  • Increase Savings and Yields

This training will  start to quantify the value of an SPC solution by asking the following questions:

  • Are your quality costs really known?
  • Can current data be used to improve your processes, or is it just data for the sake of data?
  • Are the right kinds of data being collected in the right areas?
  • Are decisions being made based on true data?
  • Can you easily determine the cause of quality issues?
  • Do you know when to perform preventative maintenance on machines?
  • Can you accurately predict yields and output results?


The following areas will be covered in the 2 days training.


  • Why SPC? (Understanding process variation in plastics processing) Descriptive statistics
  • How to select appropriate control charts
  • Getting SPC started – how to set up SPC charts
  • Interpreting SPC charts
  • Process Capability (Cpk) analysis
  • AQL- sampling techniques, acceptance plans, ISO, MIL, ASQ standards
  • Why conduct gauge studies
  • How to plan, conduct and analyse gauge studies
  • Estimating of % tolerance and %R&R
  • Variable and attribute gauges
  • Overcoming barriers to successful implementation
  • Using SPC to drive your process



Engineers, quality, and operations personnel, who intend to introduce SPC, or who are required to maintain and enhance an existing system. Engineers concerned with process monitoring and product inspection. Those responsible for process improvements.


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