Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain – Online

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Duration: This course is run over over 5 webinars, every Tuesday and Friday mornings over 3 weeks, each of 2 hours duration, with short breaks.

Location: Online

Accreditation: Certificate of Attendance

Full Fee: €400

Course code: SCC

Programme overview

Labour costs, tax incentives and supports offered by national development organisations are among many reasons that have encouraged increasing multinationalism in manufacturing and distribution. This, together with an expanded supplier-based supply chain, has helped organisations in gaining major cost advantage and market share. However, it has also resulted in a more unstable supply chain. Sustainability of the supply chain is an essential requirement in order to continue trading, much less grow market share while reducing operating costs.

This online course aims to provide the supply chain professional with the tools to cope with the types of disruptions caused by uncertain economic cycles, consumer demands, natural and man-made disasters within the supply chain process. It will also enable them to develop a comprehensive programme to prioritise actions that will eliminate or mitigate that risk, and to establish an ongoing review cycle that will protect their supply chain in times of stress.

The course is run over 5 webinars, each of two hours duration, with a 10min break in the middle. 10 hours in total.


Who is the course for

This course is designed for personnel involved in various aspects of logistics and supply chain management, for example: purchasing managers, buyers, supplier sourcing specialists, supplier contract negotiators, supplier validation personnel, logistics managers, warehouse and distribution managers, supply chain managers and planners.

The course may also be of interest to operations personnel involved in decision regarding site locations, ERP security and global corporate social responsibility.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion, participants will:

  • Understand the nature of risk in the supply chain;
  • Understand specific risks in their own organisation’s supply chain;
  • Have a practical guide to identifying risk in the supply chain on an ongoing basis;
  • Be able to develop a risk register to be maintained on an ongoing basis, and
  • Be able to develop a programme for the ongoing review and mitigation of supply chain risk.


In addition, participants will enjoy

  • Participation in live interactive webinars with case studies, Q&A and assignments.
  • A recording of each webinar for future use by participants.
  • Soft copy presentation files, with case studies, for future use by participants.
  • A supply chain risk identification matrix template, and risk register template.





Course Content


Webinar Content Assignment




  • Introductions
  • The nature of risk in the supply chain
  • Enterprise review of risk
  • Risk categories & risk levels
  • Case study & assignment
Review of case study and risk matrix exercise



  • Assignment review
    Objectives of SC risk analysis
  • Supply chain mapping: what? why? who? how?
  • Techniques for identifying risk
  • Risk prioritisation & developing a risk register
  • Principles of a robust supply chain model
  • Case study & assignment
Supply chain mapping exercise



  • Assignment review
    Risk in supply: categorise & levels
  • Ethical sourcing and implications
  • Risk mitigation
  • Case study & assignment
Review of case study and risk register exercise



  • Assignment review
  • Risk in the organisation: categories & levels
  • Cumulative lead time policy & calculation
  • Master data audit
  • Risk mitigation
    Case study & assignment
Review of case study and risk register exercise




  • Assignment review
    Risk in distribution: categories & levels
  • Risk mitigation
  • Establishing an ongoing SC risk register review
    Case study

Trainer Profile

Bernadette Rushe, BSc Hons (Biochemistry & Maths), Dip SA, CPIM, MSc, ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Managing Director Lean Ireland.

Bernie has been involved in the management of supply chain and business process improvement activities for over 30 years. She received her Lean and Six Sigma training at Dell Computer Corporation. In 2001, she left Dell to establish Cordatus Consulting (now trading as Lead Ireland).

She specialises in working with senior management teams to develop a vision of organisation competitiveness and a practical roadmap to deliver that vision. Her consulting skills and practical workshops have yielded benefits in the order of several €millions per annum to client companies. She holds a first class honours masters’ degree in supply chain management.

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