Process Analysis and Control using Minitab – Online

Dates: To be verified

Duration: This course is run  over 6 webinars every Tuesday and Friday mornings over 3 weeks, each of two 2 hours duration, with short breaks. 

Location: Online

Accreditation: Certificate of Attendance

Full Fee: €450

Course code: PACOL

Programme overview

The ability to analyse and control performance is an essential requirement for the effective management of processes that deliver value to customers. Process control involves observation, data collection, tabulation, graphical representation and both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

This online course aims to give participants a solid grounding in data collection, graphing and basic analysis techniques. Participants will be introduced to the Minitab statistical software application, and will learn when and where to use analysis techniques in order to aid decision making. It will enable participants to develop standards with regards to data collection, analysis and reporting appropriate for their processes.

The webinars will be hosted on the learning platform Moodle, which is used principal by third level institutes and Skillnets organizations. In advance of course commencement, participants will be required to access and download Moodle. It is free of charge.

The course is run over 6 webinars, each of two hours duration, with a 10min break in the middle. 12 hours in total. It is facilitated using live webinar, case studies, quiz, Q&A and assignments. Participants are required to spend an additional one hour per module on the assignment work. The assignment work is completed between modules.

Follow on courses:

Design of Experiments (DOE) online course



Who is the course for

The course is designed for a broad range of operations, engineering and quality personnel who need to use data collection & analysis methods on a regular basis in the workplace. Prior to participating, participants should have a basic knowledge of statistics. A foundation webinar can be arranged for those who need a grounding in statistics before the course commences.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course attendees will:

  • Understand data types and the importance of appropriate data collection methods;
  • Understand the importance of validating measurement systems;
  • Understand how to assess the statistical influence one or more input variables may have on an output variable;
  • Understand when and where each statistical tool is best applied, and
  • Be able to use Minitab as an everyday tool in support of data analysis and control.
  1. Deliverables 
  • Participation in live interactive webinars with case studies and Q&A.
  • A recording of each webinar for future use by participants.
  • Soft copy presentation files, with data sets and case studies, for future use by participants.
  • On completion of all 6 modules in the series, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion.



Course Content



Content (all webinars are 2 hours long) Assignment
  • Introductions
  • Data types & data collection, Introduction to Minitab, Worksheets & displays, menu features, importing and saving files, data sets & interactive exercises
  • Introduction to measurement systems analysis (MSA)
  • Graphing techniques: run, Pareto, box plot
  • Assignment
Minitab assignment on Excel data set provided – data management & graphing techniques
  • Assignment review
    Layout tool & exporting graphs
  • Introduction to descriptive statistics, measures of location – mean mode & median, data sets & interactive exercises, measures of spread – range, standard deviation & variance
  • Assignment
Minitab assignment on Excel data set provided – analysing process location and spread
  • Assignment review
    Properties of the normal distribution, Z scores and prediction, other common data distributions
  • Scatter plots & simple linear regression, the regression equation, measuring the strength of the relationship, the residuals patterns
  • Assignment
Minitab assignment on Excel data set provided – the normal distribution & prediction, correlation exercise & residuals analysis
  • Assignment review
  • Correlation, causation & prediction, confidence intervals & prediction intervals
  • Multivari analysis
  • Process observation and sampling plans, control vs. capability, calculating control limits, statistical process control for individuals
  • Assignment
Minitab assignment on Excel data set provided – SPC and out-of-control analysis
  • Assignment review
  • statistical process control for samples, out-of-control conditions, control plans
  • Assignment
Minitab assignment on Excel data set provided – SPC and out-of-control analysis, control plan elements
  • Assignment review
  • Statistical process control for attribute data.
  • Minitab Assistant, review of course contents and troubleshooting participant process problems.

Trainer Profile

Bernadette Rushe, BSc Hons (Biochemistry & Maths), Dip SA, CPIM, MSc, ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Managing Director Lean Ireland

Bernie has been involved in the management of supply chain and business process improvement activities for over 30 years. She received her Lean and Six Sigma training at Dell Computer Corporation. In 2001, she left Dell to establish Cordatus Consulting (now trading as Lean Ireland). She specialises in working with senior management teams to develop a vision of organisation competitiveness and a practical roadmap to deliver that vision. Her consulting skills and practical workshops have yielded benefits in the order of several €millions per annum to client companies.

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