Robotics and Automation

Dates: To be verified

Duration: 4 days - 9.30 - 4.30 (15 min coffee break at 10:30 am, and 30 min lunch break at 1 pm)

Location: Robotics and Drives Services Ltd, Zone C, Mullingar Business Park, Mullingar. N91 H725

Accreditation: Certificate of attendance

Full Fee: €850 including course manual, lunch and refreshments

Programme overview

A 4-day Robotics & Automation Programme for Technicians/ Engineers


Course content:

  • General Overview of Automation Systems and Basic Injection Moulding Machine Applications International Safety Regulations and specifically safety consideration and requirements when using robots/ automation.
  • Types of robots available – 3 axis, 6 axis etc. and how to match the application to the type of robot.
  • Define Process from initial project discussion through the design and build stage to completed projects and project management. Detail the timelines and milestones when critical decisions are made.
  • Risk management and guarantees/ acceptable OEE etc. (if appropriate). Typical contract agreements.
  • Designing parts for robot handling (Design for Automation).
  • Handling delicate parts – e.g. preventing gripper damage or suction cup marks on parts.
  • Suction pad sizing vs part weight and size.
  • Safety – preventing accidents and equipment damage, guarding, risk assessments, controlling speeds and forces etc.
  • Robot hand design including when to use suction pads vs grippers, how to decide the number/ size of suction pads etc., compressed air vs fans to create vacuum.
  • Servo motor vs pneumatic actuation. Cost implications, maintenance, speed of operation, cleanliness (oil or dust in cleanrooms for example).
  • Symbols used across Robot interfaces.
  • General layout of programmes, any patterns or generic programming commonly found on robot programmes that can help to understand what the programme does.
  • X, Y, Z axis and home positions, any other general positioning terminology used.Co
  • Common sequences and how they are programmed – e.g. placing parts side by side on conveyors before indexing the conveyor forward.
  • Interfacing Robots with other equipment (e.g. the Euromap interface between robots and injection moulding machines)
  • Speed of Robots – what options are available and how they affect cycle times vs robot costs.
  • Timers/ delays e.g. typical suction times for suction pads and speeding up cycles.

Who is the course for

Technicians and Engineers with little or no robotics experience. If you have more significant robotics experience, please let us know as want to divide training groups into people with the same level of ability, to ensure the best experience for all.

Learning outcomes:

    • Safety in Industrial Robots and the differences with the collaborative robots
    • System description for Modelling Machines
    • FlexPendant interface
    • Workobject and tool point definition
    • Basic programming theory
    • Programming Instructions
    • Program editing
    • Routines & modules
    • Program Data
    • Inputs and Outputs
    • Practical Exercises
    • Introduction to Robotstudio
    • Virtual stations for Offline Programming

Trainer profile

Oscar  Jabaloy Colominas – Robotics Engineer at Robotics and Drives Services Ltd,

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