Six Sigma Yellow Belt – 2 Day Course

Dates: To be verified

Duration: 2 days

Location: 7 Centre Court, Blyry Business and Commercial Park, Athlone

Accreditation: Certificate of attendance

Course code: YB

Programme overview

This exciting 2-day interactive course offers participants the opportunity to complete yellow belt project as a team, while learning the fundamentals of lean thinking and six sigma problem solving. Participants who attend the 2 days, and complete the project, receive a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate.

Six Sigma is an approach to continuous improvement that provides increased customer satisfaction by improving an organisation’s processes.  Six Sigma combines programme management, team-based project management, problem-solving and statistical analysis in the continuous review and revision of processes that deliver value to customers.

Yellow Belt

Six Sigma is an approach to continuous improvement that provides increased customer satisfaction by improving an organisation’s processes. The two-day interactive course provides participants with a practical grounding in the basics if six sigma project management and problem solving. Video, practical exercises and team discussion are an integral part of the two-day learning experience. Our six sigma yellow, green and black belt courses are designed and executed in compliance with international standard ISO 13053, published in 2011.

The 2 highly interactive workshops each last one working day, and are scheduled back to back. Workshops are case-study based. Participants are required to select a variety of work problems on which to work during training. The participant’s organisation and the course facilitators will review the problems presented in advance.

Certification Standard

Our six sigma yellow, green and black belt courses are designed and executed in compliance with international standard ISO 13053, published in 2011. The certifying project is evaluated by a Lead Ireland (formely Cordatus Consulting) six sigma black belt. The yellow belt certificate is awarded by the organization, and signed by the Lean Ireland black belt.

Participants who complete the training, and participate as active team members in an improvement project, will receive a Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate.

* Alternatively this course can be run in a company. Please contact us for in-house rates.

Follow on courses:

  1. Lean Immersion one-day workshop
  2. SMED two-day workshop
  3. Process Analysis and Control using Minitab

Safety Shoes – Not required on this course


Learning outcomes

At the end of this programme participants are enabled to:

  • Define customer critical to quality characteristics of processes/products;
  • Understand the value of cross-functional teamwork;
  • Use formal problem-solving techniques to improve process performance;
  • Understand the DMAIC approach to project management and problem solving, and
  • Be primed to support green belts in the execution of their projects.


A completed project Certification by a Cordatus Consulting black belt and site manager. The course more than pays for itself

Who is the course for

All employees, at all levels, in a company undergoing six sigma transformation should attend a YB foundation lean six sigma course. It is a great way to enable operators and administrators to work together effectively in problem solving teams. Typically, employees undergo YB training within 6 months of joining the company.

A Six Sigma Yellow Belt has completed a basic level of training in process problem solving and statistical analysis techniques. He/she is in a position to work in collaborative teams to problem solve, improve processes, and to support Green Belts.

Yellow belts are expected to work in teams and resolve low-level local problems on an on-going basis.

Course Content

DAY 1- Define & Measure

  • Introduction to Six Sigma & A3 problem solving
  • Customer satisfaction and critical to quality issues
  • Process definition, flowchart and spaghetti mapping
  • Data collection and representation: line graph, bar chart, run chart, Pareto chart
  • Review & close

DAY 2 – Analyse, Improve & Control

  • Histogram data distributions & process capability
  • The 5 Why’s
  • Cause & effects Analysis
  • Error proofing
  • Standard work & the visual workplace
  • Teamwork, change management & motivation
  • A3 update
  • Review & close

Trainer Profile

Bernadette Rushe,  Managing Director Lean Ireland. BSc Hons (Biochemistry & Maths), Dip SA, CPIM, MSc, ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Bernie has been involved in the management of supply chain and business process improvement activities for over 30 years. She received her Lean and Six Sigma training at Dell Computer Corporation. In 2001, she left Dell to establish Cordatus Consulting (now trading as Lead Ireland). She specialises in working with senior management teams to develop a vision of organisation competitiveness and a practical roadmap to deliver that vision. Her consulting skills and practical workshops have yielded benefits in the order of several €millions per annum to client companies. She holds a first class honours masters’ degree in supply chain management.

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