John Goff

John Goff has worked within the Injection Moulding industry for over 50 years – covering mould making, mould design, processing of materials, process control, moulding machine specifications/performance criteria, polymeric materials, automation of moulding processes, process analyses, process optimisation and advanced process assessment. He has been deeply involved in the practical applications and aspects of injection moulding technology, developing regimes that have transformed the moulding process from an “art” to a technological science and was awarded the Personal Contribution to the Plastics Industry by PRW in 2005.

He has co-authored numerous books and publications in injection moulding technology covering all aspects and competency levels, e.g. Injection Molding of Thermoplastic Materials, Volume 1 and Volume 2, Injection Molding of Engineering Thermoplastics, The Injection Moulders Handbook, Quality Moulding. John was a United Nations consultant and an International Consultant for companies in the Far East and has presented numerous lectures worldwide